Beauty Pros have it worse. Grants and Relief Funds.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the preventive measures implemented by the government and health institutions to stop its spread, the beauty industry is experiencing a major market dip. Especially the beauty professionals...


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How to Get a Business Loan for Your Second Business

You’ll want to check your credit score — both personally and professionally.

You’ll also want to know how much you actually qualify for.

A lender will specifically be looking into your existing business, as well as your management experience, so there is a good chance they’ll be looking into your business operations.

A business needs cash on hand to cover expenses, so looking at this is one of the best ways to take a snapshot of the financial state of the company.

Along with analyzing cash flow, other financials of your current business will be scrutinized.

Of course, lenders will also look at the financial conditions and market value of the business you hope to acquire.

There is a chance that they may wish to receive a formal appraisal of the new business, in order to get a complete picture.

This is more than just looking at the numbers and reports of a business, but it also includes expected profits.

Also under consideration may be the degree to which the success of the business has historically been tied to the current owner, including business contacts and expertise.

Sometimes, the business you are purchasing can be used as collateral, and there are some business acquisition loans that require zero collateral.

The more collateral you can offer, the less risk the lenders assume because it protects them in case your loan goes into default.

They will simply repossess the collateral.

When you can illustrate how an acquisition can improve the bottom line of your company, lenders will be much more likely to take your application seriously.

If you can demonstrate that you have operated a business in the industry, with previous experiences, skills, expertise you’ll be much more likely to be approved.

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