Public speaking is a BIG deal!

This one is for all of us who think speaking with a person or a group isn’t a big deal. Even I used to think so, until I was asked to deliver a speech in public. This is when I got to know how…


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Beauty Pros have it worse. Grants and Relief Funds.

Support Our Beauty Professionals. Applications Below.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the preventive measures implemented by the government and health institutions to stop its spread, the beauty industry is experiencing a major market dip. Most makeup companies, fragrance companies, makeup artists, nail technicians, hairstylists, dermatologists and other service providers in the industry can no longer offer their products/services because of the quarantine. Major Tradeshows such as Expo West 2020 and In-cosmetics Global are being postponed and canceled due to the restrictions on social gathering and travel ban. And with the quarantine keeping potential customers home, the demand for beauty products/services is declining by the day. This market decline has also led to the sacking of employees by beauty companies e.g. Sephora, which recently laid off over 3000 employees.

However, let’s come together and seek some positivity. The following organizations offer temporary aid to beauty professionals whose lives have been majorly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, some organizations are providing grants and loans. These organizations include:

The Horst Rechelbacher Foundation and Beauty Changes Lives grant is one that aims to provide $1000 to students of beauty programs or beauty professionals who are unemployed and unable to make regular incomes due to the pandemic.

People eligible for the grant are United States residents and beauty professionals who have been practicing before the 16th of March 2020 or students of beauty programs. Applicants must also live in a county or state that has closed down non-essential businesses.

To apply for this grant, you should be able to provide a license in cosmetology, massage, barbering, or esthetics in the United States. You’ll also be required to submit a copy of your identification, details of your place of employment, and your last day of work.

The Professional Beauty Association and PBA Charities have also generated funds to help the beauty industry during the pandemic. With relief funds of $500, the organization aims to help beauty professionals who cannot work and earn salaries due to the pandemic. The funds are to serve as emergency assistance for immediate needs e.g. food and bills.

On their website, the PBA also mentioned that since the funds are designed to help not just hairstylists and barbers, but also cosmetologists, massage therapists, nail technicians, and other beauty professionals, it will be limited due to the rate of licensed professionals affected by the virus.

To be eligible for the grant you must be a United States resident who has been employed in the last year before the 16th of March, 2020. You must also reside in a county or state with mandated closures of non-essential businesses. Lastly, you must not be earning an income presently.

Licensed professional hairstylists and nail techs to salon owners and educators, can apply to receive one of 230 relief checks totaling up to $1,000 each to assist in their pandemic relief and recovery.

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