Best Days Ever

Sometimes I need a reminder of how great my life has been.. “Best Days Ever” is published by Anonymous.


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mirror mirror on the wall

I hurried down the road with William Smith, my crush of 2 years. I reminded myself to not freak out, not only because I was with Will, but also because this will be the biggest homicide case we’ll be on for a while. The death of a governor? Who gets to investigate cases like that?

When we arrived at James Gray’s house, Will had to shake me from my thoughts. I was surprised to see how composed he was, knowing that Governor Gray was the man who put Will’s dad behind prison bars many years ago. Since Will was the senior detective, he instructed me to check the doors before coming into the house.

I completed my inspection and peered into the house, I saw Will standing in one corner of the living room, away from other detectives and forensic personnel, and seemed as to turn a vase in the living room leaning right next to on the mirrored wall, and what’s even stranger is that Will is already there, turning the vase around. As I walked in the door, I saw Will glimpse at me through the reflection of the mirror, and I quickly turned my head away hoping that he didn’t see me staring. Up to inspect it, I see that the vase seems to be positioned in a position different from what I first saw. The Will I knew was outright adorable and gentle, but the Will that I saw in the mirror seemed like a different person. I am not sure how to put it, but it gave me chills the moment he looked up at me. I sensed this cold feeling coming from deep in his soul, which nobody could observe.

As I did my inspection of the living room, I couldn’t help but examine the vase to see if Will was trying to hide anything. I looked around to make sure Will was in another room, then I turned the vase around and saw a smear of blood on the side that was facing the wall. Right then, I felt this chill in my spine, the same feeling I got a moment ago when I saw Will. I quickly put down the vase, and in the corner of my eye, I saw through the mirror Will staring at me in the hallway, and in the mirror, I saw Will staring at me with a look that I could not decipher, the same look that one that my novels would decide as ‘piercing’. Pieces of the puzzle started to fall in place, creating a terrifying picture that had never crossed my mind when thinking of the suspects. I hurried home, desperate to put all the evidence together and to re-examine it, and then, I would see that it was all a theory, one that made no sense. At home, I put all the evidence together and was dismayed to see that the evidence only proved my suspicions right, Will was the killer. I had no choice, but to turn my suspicions into the police tomorrow.

That night, I slept fitfully, which saved my life. At around 3 o’clock, I was awakened to a choking feeling and realised that I had a rope around my neck. As I gasped for air and pawed at the rope, I heard the sound of Will chuckling and murmuring “oh Jessie, you are so smart, and I would prefer not to kill you.” I gave up clawing on my throat and instead looked around for something to alert someone of what was happening to me. I saw a glass next to the window and shoved it out, hoping that someone would see it and see what was happening. Just as I was about to lose consciousness, I heard the front door burst open and a shout of anger from Will.

I woke up in a clean room, I heard a door open and saw a doctor come and ask me about myself, and then tell me I was discharged. as I hurried down the hall and passed by a mirror, I thought I saw Will in the background, but when I turned around, no one was there.

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