4 Steps to Finding an Exceptional Mentor

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Public speaking is a BIG deal!

This one is for all of us who think speaking with a person or a group isn’t a big deal. Even I used to think so, until I was asked to deliver a speech in public. This is when I got to know how difficult it is to deliver a speech in public. This is how I decided to join Speechcraft programme hosted in Thoughtworks.

Speechcraft is basically a lite version of Toastmasters which helps you in developing your public speaking skills, self-confidence, body language and delivering an effective speech.

On the very first day, we were given a random topic and we were asked to speak on that subject for 2 minutes. Trust me, those 2 minutes were like 2 hours for most of us. Speechcraft helped us understand that a prepared speech is like HTML which has head, body and a footer (conclusion).

Then we were given an opportunity to deliver a prepared speech on a topic of our choice. This is how I attempted it.

I can definitely say that such programmes help in developing a positive self. Few things I learnt from this programme

Practicing public speaking and joining programmes such as Toastmasters definitely helps in becoming an effective speaker.

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