How contributing to a social Initiative can fill you with gratitude and happiness

I saw an Instagram story in March about the requirement of a volunteer to teach kids in J&K and applied Instantly. Got connected with a girl named Aiesha who wanted someone to teach physics to a…


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10 Software trends of 2020 that are here to stay

It would be right to say that we are on the verge of a technological boom, and the pace at which technology is offering change is hard to catch up for businesses. The year 2020 is surely paving the way for a transformative decade just like the past or maybe of a greater proportion. Let’s see the technology trends that are going to rule 2020 and the coming decade:

Reach the Clouds

Every major and minor technology and business player have already made the shift or will make the shift to cloud computing this year. Cloud computing has seen great evolutions and advancements in the past decade such that it is safer, faster, and more affordable to make a total shift or just to give it a try.

The preference in Microservice architecture is already visible and it will get stronger only. The reason for its popularity is because of how well it works with cloud computing and supports a faster software development cycle.

Hadoop was the first Distributed Batch Computational platform that enabled enterprises to run a computation on their large data-sets. Lately, Apache Spark has given Hadoop a run for the money in Batch processing. The ability of Spark to process everything is Memory and not in storage, helps enterprises save immense cost on storage.

In recent years the technology community has realized the power of SQL databases. SQL databases dominate the top positions among the most popular databases used, primarily due to its ACID transnational service that ensures consistent, safe, and robust database modification when saved.

REST is the most popular technique in the API based communication between services, it is almost considered a standard protocol for web APIs. One of the reasons for the popularity of REST API is that it is user-friendly and it is easy to understand for the developers to code on it. Developing REST API is easier than the rest when your actual focus is on data. Lately, Google and Facebook have emerged on the scene with gRPC and GraphQL, but REST will stay and others will remain as an alternative.

With the entry of AngularJS in 2014 Javascript has emerged out of shadows and become a Frontend development star. It is the most preferred front-end development framework, with more innovation happening on its various fronts and its agility with Microservice Architecture Javascript is going to stay.

Amazon AWS cloud services have had a great run, and it will continue to do so seeing their current market share, but gradually other companies are catching up with slowly taking up their share of the pie. Microsoft Azure’s flexibility and scalability are making it a popular option, scaling up is as easy as changing the settings of the number of processors to be used.

Data Lake is the repository of all the raw/natural data, enterprises have been using SQL and NoSQL for fetching and analyzing data from the data lake. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) used to be the most popular data lake, lately, Amazon’s emergence on the scene with the Object Storage S3 has changed the dynamics for Hadoop and emerged as the most popular choice of data lake. But its allegiance to AWS only has paved the way for the new open-source MinIO data lake and it being cloud-neutral i.e it is compatible with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services. MinIO could become the next obvious data lake choice.

The technology industry is large, diverse with each area bringing its unique complexity to the table. The above-discussed technology stacks and frameworks have shown all the signs that will dominate the scene by large, but the landscape is ever-evolving and it is to be witnessed if there are any surprises.

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