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How contributing to a social Initiative can fill you with gratitude and happiness

Project Parwaaz (Real life Story)

I saw an Instagram story in March about the requirement of a volunteer to teach kids in J&K and applied Instantly. Got connected with a girl named Aiesha who wanted someone to teach physics to a student in her village Marmat (Doda District, J&K).

While teaching I started having conversations with Aiesha about the ground reality of education in the state. Kids have not been able to attend schools regularly for almost a year. They lack immensely in the basic concepts. Neither the children nor their parents have any clue about the future of the kids.

We realised that we can make this Initiative as a structured program and bring in more volunteers who could teach other kids in the village as well. There were immense challenges like no proper Internet in the state (2G), no possibility of combined classes due to lockdown, no availability of books with the children and many more.

But there is something special about being able to create an impact for the underprivileged which I cannot express in words.We went ahead anyways and formally launched this Initiative by the name of Project Parwaaz.

With all the difficulty in line In April we did 250+ classes with 17 volunteers. In the first weekend of May we got 300+ Volunteer Applications and started our first cohort with 50 volunteers.

Everyday people call from Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat and many other states to teach kids in Jammu and Kashmir.

I have personally stopped teaching, Instead I dedicate my time towards managing the Project, which takes almost an hour of my time each day. This gives me a constant stream of happiness and gratitude all through the day. The volunteers keep sharing beautiful stories of their Interaction with the kids. Being in such a state has increased my work productivity and sense of purpose.

I would urge everyone to be a part of social Initiates which you care about, whenever you get a chance. It has the capability to change your life for good.

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